Glamorice Whites

Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit

Family Run Business Established in 2020, Glamor’ICE Whites is a Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit with a  formulated activated Whitening Ingredients that whiten those teeth and brightens that Smile with no cause of irritation or increased sensitivity with our natural oral care product.

Whilst providing a 1st Class Customer Service right from day 1 by providing customers with the professional care they deserve.

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Glamor'ICE Whites Teeth Whitening Kit


Happy Lil Thang

Easiest kit to use at home! Highly recommended.

I've used so many different teeth whitening products but this is by far the most amazing and effective thanka so much!!

By far the best non peroxide teeth whitening kit around! I'm a smoker and basically live on coffee and forever getting compliments on my teeth and how white they are this is why!